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Why Choose Our Yoga Retreats Over A Regular Holiday

For many people, a holiday is all about seeing the top sights in a new country as quickly as possible. Then, once it is time to return home, they feel even more exhausted than when they left. Can you relate?

If so, you are not alone. Fortunately, your next holiday doesn’t have to be that way! Instead of running around like crazy, try attending one of our yoga retreats. You can learn a new skill, relax, make new friends, and still experience a new culture.
While yoga retreats are an amazing way to holiday, not all retreats are created equal. Keep reading to learn why you should choose to go on one of our personalised yoga retreats over another.

Start With the Basics

Do you feel intimated by the idea of attending a yoga retreat because you are not a yoga expert? If so, don’t worry!
While many other yoga retreats require you to practise yoga regularly and cater their classes to experienced yogis, our yoga retreats were designed with mixed ability and beginners in mind. Our retreats teach you the fundamentals of yoga so that you can enjoy the health benefits of yoga in a safe and encouraging environment.

You will get plenty of guidance from the instructor to ensure that you learn proper technique and don’t get hurt. Our yoga retreats are an approachable and accessible way to start learning yoga.

Embrace Community

Another benefit of going on one of our retreats over another is that we focus on creating a community. Kay’s yoga classes have created a wonderful community of likeminded people and she extends this to her Yoga Retreat Holidays. Everyone will be attending the retreat with the same purpose: to learn yoga, make friends, experience the local culture, and be pampered. We give you a personal experience with those added extras that make all the difference. 

All of Kay’s past yoga retreat participants keep in touch with her and each other and are returning to her retreats together in the future.

Whether you are going on a yoga retreat with your partner, friend, or by yourself, you will make new friends that can last a lifetime. You also will become part of an amazing community.


What people said

Vicky – Welsh Yoga Retreat - 2023
Thanks to Kay and Tim for looking after us so well, lovely to meet you all.  Perhaps one day, well meet again, love to you all.


Laura – Yarnfield Retreat Stone, Staffs - 2023

Hi to all the lovely ladies, this weekend was brilliant from the moment we arrived. We didn’t know what to expect and for me the whole experience from meeting such great people, easy to talk to, to taking part in the most wonderful yoga classes with you Kay. Then the food – Sooo delicious. As everyone said we were utterly spoilt with every detail thought of, thanks to you. Great to switch off, me and Hayley had a very special time. Thanks you Kay.

Lana Welsh Yoga Retreat 2023

An absolutely amazing weekend, organised, hosted and catered superbly.  With delicious food the best company and insightful yoga. Thanks to everyone, especially Kay and Tim.

Image by engin akyurt

The Spa Is Calling

One of the best things about going on a yoga retreat is the time that you will spend relaxing in the spa. All of our retreats take place at beautiful, luxurious places with relaxing spa treatments so that you can have the best experience possible.

Most yoga retreats are all about practising yoga. While one of the goals of our retreats is to cultivate our yoga, we also want you to feel pampered and relaxed. Each yoga retreat includes a massage and access to spa treatments.

Experience a New Culture

Whether you come to our Welsh, Spanish or Goa, India, yoga retreat you we give you the opportunity to fully embrace yourself in the local culture and learn about different ways of living. If you choose to go on one of our yoga retreats instead of another retreat, you will still get that cultural experience.

For example, if you choose to go on our yoga retreat in Goa, India, you will get to experience Indian cooking, religious temples, a local river cruise and the many tropical plants and wild birds just in the garden of the villa as well as a private tour of a local town with dinner on the beach for the sunset. 

Most other yoga retreats are centred around just learning yoga. With our retreats, you will get the best of both worlds!
Most yoga retreats are all about practising yoga. While one of the goals of our retreats is to cultivate our yoga, we also want you to feel pampered and relaxed. Each yoga retreat includes a massage and access to spa treatments.

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Image by Daily Slowdown

Eat Amazing Local Food

In addition to experiencing a new culture through activities, you will also get to eat like a local. Each of our yoga retreats includes incredible meals.

While many retreats only offer vegan food, at our yoga retreats we offer our participants the most delicious foods from the local culture. Can you imagine going to Spain and not experiencing the best local Tapas, salads and wine? Neither can we! On all of our retreats, a local chef will cook three delicious meals daily.

Another benefit of having an on-site chef is that we can cater to specific diets. If you are vegan or vegetarian, you won’t have to stress about breaking your diet during your vacation.

Surround Yourself in Positivity

Our yoga retreats allow you to be surrounded by positivity. From the yoga instructors to the new community you are a part of, there won’t be any negative energy.

Here are some of the benefits of positive thinking:

  • Reduce stress levels

  • Lower risk of depression

  • Improve immune health

  • Stronger heart health

  • Longer projected life span

As you participate in one of our yoga retreats, you will feel your stress levels decreasing and your overall happiness increasing due to positive thinking. You will be able to improve both your physical health and mental health.


Focus On Yourself

How often do you get time to focus on yourself? Probably not often because you are so busy! If you choose to go on one of our yoga retreats, focusing on yourself is the main goal.
Our yoga retreats allow you to focus on the connection between your mind and body through learning yoga and meditation, relaxing, and spending time having a massage or spa treatment.
While other yoga retreats require you to attend all of the yoga sessions, we understand if you need a break. While we encourage you to attend all of the yoga sessions, our retreats allow you to spend your time how you want.


Return Home Feeling Refreshed

Because most yoga retreats push you to do a ton of yoga, you may return home feeling even more tired than when you left.

If you choose to go on one of our yoga retreats instead, you will come back feeling refreshed and ready to get back to your normal life.

You also will feel good knowing that your new yoga skills will help you manage anxiety  and stress when life gets tough.


Sign up for One of Our Yoga Retreats

There are many benefits to choosing our yoga retreats over other yoga retreats, such as learning how to do yoga, relaxing, and becoming part of a community that will last a lifetime.

Our yoga retreats are unique in that you don’t have to be an experienced yogi, we embrace the local culture, and our retreats are truly one-of-a-kind.

If you have been trying to choose a yoga retreat, hopefully, this article helped! Visit our yoga retreat page to learn more about our current retreat options.

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