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7 Reasons To Go On a Yoga Retreat With Us

1. We Take Care of Everything

Once you sign up for one of our retreats, you can rest assured that pretty much everything is taken care of!
Your stay in wonderful accommodations, delicious meals, and options to experience incredible local activities and culture.

While airfare is not included in the cost of our retreats, we connect you with an experienced and professional travel concierge who will work with you to help get the best flights possible, protect your trip with travel insurance, and offer trip extensions. Are you excited already? You should be!

Bruschetta Bites

2. Delicious Local Food and Drinks

Holidays are meant to be indulgent, and we take that to heart!

While we cater to vegetarians, vegans and eating healthily, our retreats aren’t about dieting: all options are possible. 

Every place we go has such a unique and incredible culture; we just want you to be able to encounter the foods from those cultures without any guilt!

That’s why our retreats include 3 daily meals cooked by local chefs with the best ingredients possible, a lot of love, and so much passion. You can quote us on this – delicious meals are part of what makes our retreats so memorable.

3. Wonderful Retreat Accommodation

We put a lot of thought behind each of the locations we choose for our retreats because, again, we want you to get the best of what each place has to offer!

For example, our Goa Retreattakes place at a luxurious Villa in South Goa with its own pool, spa, massage and gym. Lua Velha villa which has been around for years and is a staple in the local community. It’s right in the heart of the beautiful tropical gardens and immersed in local culture.

Not only do we choose the best accommodations possible, but we always make sure we are going to each location at the best time of year. Not too hot, not too cold – just right.


4. Immersion into New Cultures

You will always get to see the greatest highlights of each location we visit. We hand-select the experiences and resorts based around the culture of our chosen destination.

From exploring the ancient Temples in Goa, to sipping wine overlooking the hills of Andalusia in Spain.  Or creating your own narrative journaling or making a macrame wonder in our workshops.You’ll leave our trips having experienced the local people and their culture.

5. More Than Just Yoga

If you haven’t already noticed by now – our “yoga retreats” are about way more than just yoga!

Yoga is what helps add intention to our amazing trips, but ultimately a retreat with us is meant to be one of the dreamiest holidays you’ll ever go on! Plus, the yoga classes are optional if you’re just not feeling up to it at any point. But if you are, our yoga classes are actually one of the most unique things about our retreats! You’ll get it when you try it.  

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6. Yoga for everyone

We firmly believe that yoga is accessible to everyone no matter your age, fitness, or flexibility. Kay’s classes are beginner-friendly and help you build a solid, steady practice from the foundations up in a safe way, all while in a gorgeous new location, surrounded by new friends!

Not a beginner? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered too! We recognise that each person is at a different level in their practice and will make sure to offer modifications for everyone. All levels of yogis are welcome (because if you want a challenge – you’ll get one).

What if I’ve never tried yoga?
Even better! The best way to build a healthy habit with yoga is to practice daily, so a yoga retreat is the perfect way to start. Our yoga retreats are always catered to beginners, starting from the basics, and building together. Our goal is to send you home feeling comfortable continuing your yoga practice on your own.

7. Building Community and Friends for Life

Finally, going on a yoga retreat with us allows you to meet and build relationships with like-minded people. Our retreats create a safe, judgment-free zone, where participants support each other throughout our experience.

If you think about it, each and every participant on our retreats sign up to see a cool new place and try yoga for the first time – just like you!

So many of our previous retreat-ees stay in touch with us and each other after parting ways and even met again on another retreat of ours. The magic of our yoga retreats often creates friendships that last a lifetime.

Finally, we’re very proud to say that a large percentage of our past participants end up coming on our retreats again and again. You can check out what our past participants have to say about their experience on our reviews page. 


You Deserve a Yoga Retreat That Was Made For You!

We often spend so much time thinking about others that we forget to take care of ourselves. You deserve time to refill your cup, unplug, and experience amazing new things. Whether you’ve been on a yoga retreat before or not, we hope that after reading through this article you’ll decide to take a trip with us.

Our yoga retreats include the perfect balance of relaxation, culture, and community. Join us for a trip of a lifetime. And if cost is a concern, we’ve got you covered! We want you to be able to turn this dream vacation into reality, so we have payment plans and discount options to make the pricing more affordable for you.

Your dream destination is just a click away, visit our yoga retreats page for more info. And don’t forget that we are always here to help, contact us with any questions or concerns you may have!

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